Shakes 3

Actors in the Robinson Shakespeare Company (RSC) learn about Shakespeare, acting, movement, text analysis, how to work as an ensemble, and more! The RSC has high expectations for its young actors because of the potential that belongs to each member.

Many of the students say that their favorite part of the RSC is being part of the ensemble,  and then explain that an ensemble ‘is like a family’. When young people participate in the RSC, they are a member of the ensemble and a part of a family.

The RSC meets on Thursday evenings (6-8 pm) for students in grades 6-12 and Friday afternoons (4-6pm) for grades 3-5.  Each term culminates in a performance in the Kite Black Box Theatre at the Robinson Center!

If you are interested in becoming involved with the RSC, please contact Christy Burgess at 574-631-9430 or