Students from across South Bend and Mishawaka came to the Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame to compete in the 2016 Idea Pitch Competition.  

More than 35 students came to the Gigot Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, with each student having 60 seconds to sell their idea or product to a panel of expert judges. The judges used a grading rubric based on poise, delivery, creativity and practicality. 


High School Students

Investor's Choice Winner

Justice Garman - (Mishawaka)

"Wonderful Waffle Maker"


Investor's Choice Runner-Up 

Michele Hughes - (Adams)

"Universal Hot/Cold Spoon"

Michele's idea was the design and delivery of a “Universal Hot/Cold Spoon” device.  A spoon which can inform you if the food your planning on eating is too hot or too cold for your baby or your elderly love one.

Michele Hughes Web










Best Presentation

Nathan Shook - (Mishawaka)

"Friendly Fire Barbecue Pit"

Most Creative

Shana Greenawalt - (Mishawaka)

"Dog Sitter App"

Middle School Winners

Best Presentation

Stephen Kimani - (Lasalle)

Stephen's idea was the design and delivery of the "Wakey Bakey" mist that sent a smell of your choice, including various options like - breakfast bacon or potpourri.

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Most Creative Presentation

Jalen Batiste-Waddell - (Lasalle)

Jalen's idea was the design and delivery of a “Better Hearing Aid for Average Ears” device.

Jalen Batiste Waddell Web