The Invention Convention invites local middle and high school students to submit their best ideas for a business venture into the competition, which begins in the fall.

Sponsored by the Gigot Center for Entrepreneurship and the Robinson Center, the event aims to enhance their business, academic and life skills through an entrepreneurship curriculum and activities.

The program cultivates a spirit of entrepreneurship by providing innovative learning experiences relevant to the entrepreneurial world.

The students learn the basics of starting their own business and engage with Notre Dame mentors to develop a unique business plan of their own. This year-long program culminates with a business plan competition, at which students have the opportunity to showcase their work. Notre Dame undergraduate and MBA students participate as mentors and event judges.

The winners for 2017 were:


Investors Choice: Caribia Coleman - Abandon No More.

Caribia Coleman Web


Caribia proposd to create youth centers out of abandoned houses so young people can have access to a wide variety of resources and activities.







Investors Choice Runner-Up: James Sanford - Airflow

James Sanford Web


James wanted to create an environmentally friendly, air compression engine that will increase horsepower, while lowering emissions.








Best Presentation: Antonia Martinez - Minority Music

Antonia Martinez Web


Antonia plans to use music as therapy to help people through trauma, tragedy, or the loss of a loved one to understand that life can be a beautiful song.








Investors Choice: Jalen Batiste-Waddell - Hear Here To

Jalen Batiste Waddell Web


Jalen wants to create a hearing device that is synced with the brain through Bluetooth, that will reduce background noise so people can focus better.









Best Presentation: Duncan Gathesha - Ear-Pro

Duncan Gathesha Web


Duncan will develop a hearing device/insert that will automatically translate spoken words into a different language.