Business Plan Competition

The Invention Convention invites local middle and high school students to submit their best ideas for a business venture into the competition, which begins in the fall.
The Robinson Center, in partnership with the IDEA Center, the event aims to enhance their business, academic and life skills through an entrepreneurship curriculum and activities.
The program cultivates a spirit of entrepreneurship by providing innovative learning experiences relevant to the entrepreneurial world.
The students learn the basics of starting their own business and engage with Notre Dame mentors to develop a unique business plan of their own. This year-long program culminates with a business plan competition, at which students have the opportunity to showcase their work in front of event judges.
The winners for 2019 were:

Investors Choice Winner

Investors Choice Kayla And Karissa Jaekel Web


Kayla Jaeckel and Karissa Jaekel (Juniors at Career Academy SB) Both designed "The Class Act," through a partnership of the group K & K (LLP).  The Class Act is an app in which students can connect with the teacher during lectures without interrupting to ask clarifying questions or take notes to improve and enhance both the teacher teaching and the students learning experience. 






Investors Choice Runner-up

2019 Investors Choice Runner Up Alexis Porter Web

Alexis Porter is a (Senior at Mishawka High School) She designed "The Pedestrian Scissor Lift".  She lost her good friend friend by a train accident, the pain of her lost inspired her to design a Pedestrian crossing gate that rise from the ground up to protect those who are not paying attention or rushing across the tracks.











Investors Choice Runner-up

2019 Runner Up Investors Choice Shannon Clark Web

Shannon Clark is a (Senior at John Adams) He designed "Group Live,"a virtual reality headset that allows you to be apart of another world from your seats.  The Group live can be used for staff meetings, video conferences and more.