Want Take Ten?

Welcome! Do you believe in our mission and want to incorporate Take Ten into your school or other site?

Mission Statement:

"To promote choices and strategies that cultivate nonviolent communities."

Take Ten is offered to both children and adults at a variety of locations.

We are happy to expand our scope to anyone who believes in what we are doing; everyone faces conflict in their lives, and Take Ten provides the tools to handle conflict in a healthy and constructive way.

To get started, contact Take Ten's Director:

Ellen Kyes
Take Ten Director
Phone: (574) 631-9424
Fax: (574) 631-5889
Email: kyes.1@nd.edu

These resources show how Take Ten operates and benefits the people who take part:

Reference Guide -- Here's a quick guide that highlights all of our priciples and methods of implementation.

Curriculum -- Discover what Take Ten offers in sample lessons.

Blog -- Explore our blog and read reflections from our volunteers.

Calendar -- Find out about upcoming events.

Evaluations -- See for yourself how our program benefits the students we serve.

Founding Quote

“Many who live with violence day in and day out assume that it is an intrinsic part of the human condition.

But this is not so. Violence can be prevented.”

-Nelson Mandela