By teaching skills to both youth and parents alike, Take Ten aims to help you and your children deal with the conflicts you face everyday.

The Take Ten program offers lessons in various formats to help your family make positive choices and handle problems, conflicts and bullying in a positive way. Please take a look at these resources to help along the journey!   


How to make Take Ten part of your family's life:

We offer Take Ten to parents and adults as well as students at all grade levels.

For information, please contact Ellen Kyes:

Ellen Kyes
Take Ten Director
Phone: (574) 631-9424
Fax: (574) 631-5889

How to discuss bullying with your child:

Handling bullying is difficult, whether your child is the bully, the bullied target or a bystander. Take Ten offers presentations, lessons and other information to be of help. A website we share with the South Bend Schools and others may provide assistance. It can be found here:

Bullying Bulletin

FAQs about school violence, bullying, etc. --Take a look at our bullying-prevention website.

Check out these additional resources for parents:

Reference Guide -- Here's a quick guide that highlights all of our priciples and hopes for how Take Ten will be implemented.

Curriculum -- Discover what volunteers will be teaching in your kid's school.

Events -- Find out upcoming events and holidays.

Forms and Waivers -- Here you'll find forms for all of our competitions and waivers for the festival.

Blog -- Explore our blog and read reflections from our volunteers.

Evaluations -- See for yourself how our program is benefitting your kids.

Links to other resources -- Connect it to our useful links page!!!