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Drama integration is the teaching strategy that incorporates creative dramatics into the daily academic curriculum. It has been shown to positively impact skills such as higher-level reading comprehension, problem-solving, and critical thinking. Drama integration encourages children to make connections between academic content and their background experiences.

Below are free drama integration lesson plans at primary and intermediate school levels,  that were created for Robinson Shakespeare Company’s partner schools.


Some techniques that are used in the lesson plans include: guided narrations, “WOOSH,” and teacher-in-role.


1.      Guided Narration: The teaching artist delivers a narration of a story in the second person and students act out the events as she speaks.


2.      WOOSH: A WOOSH is an active form of storytelling.  The facilitator places students in a circle with the middle as a stage.  The students act out a story as it is read aloud, with each student standing to become a particular character, then being joined by the next student taking on a different role. When the facilitator says ‘WOOSH’ all the students sit down, ready to take on new roles as the story continues.  During the WOOSH students not only become characters, but also trees, planets, mountains, etc. 


3.      Teacher-in-role

Teacher-in-role is a technique that allows teachers to utilize students as both participants and spectators. The teacher assumes a role and the students respond to the teacher as if they are their assigned character. 


The Robinson Shakespeare Drama Integration Program would not be possible with our the very generous funding of our partners!

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