In-Class Workshops

The RSC’s in-class workshops are tailored to the needs of the teacher and class.  The RSC believes theatre can reach untraditional and kinesthetic learners in a way

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that makes education their own.   

Teachers and RSC practitioners work in tandem to design curriculum that gets students on their feet and active.  Special attention is placed on using drama and active approaches to learn material within the curriculum, as well as to meet Indiana State Academic Standards.

Jefferson Intermediate Center

RSC works each Tuesday in a 6th grade English classroom to bring drama techniques to the students’ current studies.  Some successful lessons have included improv games in order to discuss the pros and cons of technology as well as a lesson on comparing and contrasting, which included the students tactilely experiencing traditional Alaskan items in contrast to their personal experiences in Indiana.  

McKinley Primary Center

We were fortunate enough to receive a PACE grant which allows the RSC to follow the same group of children from the 2nd - 4th grade year, this year is the fiinal year of bringing drama integration to McKinley Primary Center.  Favorite lessons from the students include teacher-in-role to teach about fables, tableaus, and guided narration about their beloved devised characters, Casey the fox and her brother Simon.  These lessons work with existing vocabulary with a concentration on literacy and working together as an ensemble.

Nuner Fine Arts Academy


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