After-School Programs

Through the Community Foundation of St. Joseph County, the RSC has been able to start after-school programs at Muessel Primary Center, the Notre Dame Center for Arts and Culture, the Boys and Girls Club, Jefferson Intermediate Center, as well join existing programs at Dickinson Fine Arts Academy, and Perley Fine Arts Academy.  
These after-school drama clubs and classes have a strong literacy foundation and focus is placed on language acquisition, text analysis, theatre games, team building, and play!

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Dickinson Fine Arts Academy

The RSC teaches a Shakespeare and performance class weekly with grades 5-8.  These classes work on devised material as well as Shakespeare and improv games.

Jefferson Intermediate Center

Jefferson's after-school program works with grades 5-8.  Past performances have included A Midsummer Night's Dream, and original works The Jefferson Winter Follies, The Disappearing Pumpkin, and The Opposite.  It's often fun to see familiar faces from Perley students who then move to Jefferson for middle school!

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Muessel Primary Center

Muessel Primary Center’s Drama Club meets Wednesday afternoons and has a lot of fun working on basic theatre skills such as character, voice, and text analysis.  This fall, the drama club has been delving into Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, as well as learning many theatre games! 

Notre Dame Center for Arts and Culture

Drama at the Notre Dame Center for Arts and Culture serves as enrichment for the literacy-based tutoring program Wednesday afternoons.   Classes include teaching a multitude of new, high-energy theatre games, as well as using active storybook lessons to help teach characterization and physicality.   

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Perley Fine Arts Academy

After-school programs at Perley include inventive way to work introduce Shakespeare to children as young as kindergarten!