14th Anniversary

Even subzero weather couldn't keep people away from the RCLC's 14th Anniversary event!

Below are this year's award winners:


Renelda Robinson Award

Awarded to the Community Volunteer who has demonstrated an unselfish commitment to promote learning and relationship- building at the RCLC, “to enhance the collective gifts and quality of life” of residents of the Northeast Neighborhood.

Winner - Joan Becker


James Roemer Award

Awarded to the Youth Participant who has excelled in the RCLC Tutoring Program by demonstrating academic improvement, respect for self and other students, and a positive attitude toward learning! 


Winner - Tiana Mudzimurema  


Dr. Dale Grayson Award

Awarded to the Adult Participant in RCLC Educational Programs who has demonstrated consistency and commitment, advancement of skills, respect for peers and staff, and enthusiasm for life-long learning!


Winner - Brenda Scott-Brown


Rev. Don McNeill, C.S.C. Award

Awarded to the Student Volunteer whose commitment to service has strengthened interaction between Northeast Neighborhood residents and the academic community by reducing learning obstacles and building relationships with youth and adult participants.


Winner - Ethan Beaudoin  

James Kapsa Award

For a school leader whose commitment to increasing resiliency and hope among youth is demonstrated by unsurpassed support of teaching & modeling the peaceful conflict resolution skills of Take Ten. 


Winner - Matt Eppert


Arthur Quigley, PhD Award

Awarded to the Notre Dame Faculty or Staff whose service and education in the Northeast Neighborhood exemplifies the mission of the University to exercise “…leadership in building a society that is at once more human and more divine.”


Winner - Jessica Brookshire