Quarter Time Members


Chuck Ball

Take Ten

Chuck is a recent retiree of Holy Cross College at Notre Dame, IN where he led the Career Center activities of the college.  During this time, he was very engaged with the Robinson Community Learning Center by providing part time and full time employees, AmeriCorps personnel, tutors and assisted in providing students to instruct Take Ten in the South Bend Schools. He also serves as a member of the Advisory Board to RCLC.
Once retired,  he wanted to continue his service with Robinson and is a quarter-time AmeriCorps member instructing Take Ten and assisting the director with being the liaison to the non-profit organizations within the community.  In his spare time, he volunteers at the Northern Indiana Food Bank, serves as president of his neighborhood association and tries to stay out of his wife’s hair as she enjoys her retirement as well.  



Ben Fouch

Advanced Skills & EntrepreneurshipBen Fouch









Dan Kleiman

Literacy Corps

Born and raised in Indiana, Daniel Kleiman is one stand-up guy. Recently graduated from Manchester University with a degree in sociology, he has a passion for learning about the world around him and th people within it; finding any way to make a positive difference whether it's through acting as a member of the LitCorps at the NDCAC or just telling terrible jokes hoping someone will laugh. When not tutoring or helping run other programs, Daniel loves to read, watch movies, cook, and play video games (the last one has come in handy when talking to the kids). He has loved his work here so far and is looking forward to the rest of his time here. 



Julie Novak

Advanced Skills & Entrepreneurship








Kathy Reese

Adult Programs