RCLC celebrates 22 years of community engagement

Author: Amelia Mendelsohn, AmeriCorps Member, RCLC

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Ian Dwyer was recognized as the Notre Dame Center for Civic Innovation Youth of the Year. (Photo by Ian Baker/University of Notre Dame)

As the Robinson Community Learning Center (RCLC) moves into its 23rd year of engagement in the Northeast Neighborhood, let's look back at the 22nd Anniversary Celebration held at RCLC on Friday, February 17. It was standing room only in the Black Box Theater — which organizers anticipated — so the ceremony was broadcast in other rooms throughout the building. Well over 200 people attended. Honored guests included South Bend Mayor James Mueller, Mishawaka Magistrate Andre Gammage and St. Joseph County Commissioner Carl Baxmeyer.  

Michelle Price received the Mrs. Renelda Robinson Award. This award recognizes a Community Volunteer who has demonstrated an unselfish commitment to promote learning and relationship- building at the RCLC, “to enhance the collective gifts and quality of life” of residents of the Northeast Neighborhood.

Jay Brockman and Alisa Zornig Gura were awarded the Mr. Arthur Quigley, PhD, Award which recognizes Notre Dame Faculty or Staff whose service and education in the Northeast Neighborhood exemplifies the mission of the University to exercise “…leadership in building a society that is at once more human and more divine.”

Dwight Mulligan received the Mr. James A. Roemer Award, recognizing a Youth Participant who has excelled in the RCLC Tutoring Program by demonstrating academic improvement, respect for self and other students, and a positive attitude toward learning!

Melinda Mallard received the Dr. Dale Grayson Award. This award recognizes an Adult Participant in RCLC Educational Programs who has demonstrated consistency and commitment, advancement of skills, respect for peers and staff, and enthusiasm for life-long learning!

MacKenzie Johnson received the Rev. Don McNeill, C.S.C. Award. This award recognizes a Student Volunteer whose commitment to service has strengthened interaction between Northeast Neighborhood residents and the academic community by reducing learning obstacles and building relationships with youth and adult participants.

Jennifer Sweazy was awarded the James Kapsa Award which recognizes a school leader whose commitment to increasing resiliency and hope among youth is demonstrated by unsurpassed support of teaching & modeling the peaceful conflict resolution skills of Take Ten.

Ian Dwyer was recognized as the Notre Dame Center for Civic Innovation Youth of the Year.

Mark Dellostritto was recognized as the Notre Dame Center for Civic Innovation Volunteer of the Year.

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