Entrepreneurship Class Moves Ahead

Author: Erin O'Laughlin

Several students from the community have been hard at work learning the right skills to start and operate their own businesses since October. Using the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship's (NFTE) model, these nine local teenagers have proposed their own ideas for a business, ranging from translation services to car audio installation. With the mentorship of several Notre Dame students, they have been moving through the design phase of their respective businesses at a rapid pace. Students take weekly classes to learn about the specifics of running a business, from the marketing aspect to the financial statements necessary to keep an accurate track of all expenses, etc. Culminating in an entrepreneurship competition in April, the NFTE program at the Robinson Center hopes to instill in our youth both the skills and motivation one needs in order to not only be successful but feel successful as well. Good luck to all of our emerging entrepreneurs!

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