In-Class Workshops


The RSC’s in-class workshops are tailored to the needs of the teacher and class.  The RSC understands that theatre can reach untraditional and kinesthetic learners.  

Teachers and RSC practitioners work in tandem to design curriculum that gets students on their feet and active.  Special attention is placed on using drama and these active approaches to learn material within the curriculum, as well as to meet Indiana State Academic Standards.

Jefferson Intermediate Center

RSC works each Tuesday in an eighth grade English classroom to bring drama techniques to the students’ current studies.  Some successful lessons have included improv games in order to discuss the pros and cons of technology as well as a lesson on comparing and contrasting, which included the students tactilely experiencing traditional Alaskan items in contrast to their personal experiences in Indiana. 

John Adams High School

A unique partnership between the JAG (Jobs for America’s Graduates) classes and RSC has begun this year in order to help students with their public speaking and presentation skills.  Through use of improvisation exercises, theatre games, and other methods, the JAG students are becoming more comfortable with themselves and speaking in front of others.

McKinley Primary Center

Fortunate enough to receive a PACE grant which will allow the RSC to follow the same group of children from the 2nd through their 4th grade year, this year is the first of bringing drama integration to McKinley Primary Center.  Some successful lessons this year have included use of teacher-in-role to teach about fables and use of tableauxs and storytelling to teach about types of clouds and the weather cycle.


Muessel Primary Center

Drama integration at Muessel Primary Center has not yet started for this year, but in the past has been fun-filled, engaging, and rewarding! 

Perley Fine Arts Academy

This year RSC is working in the second and third grade classrooms to bring classroom lessons alive through drama practices!  One example of a particularly engaging lesson included learning the branches of government through a “whoosh”, one of RSC’s commonly used active storytelling techniques.